Opportunities in India and Spain

Since 2012 India has emerged as the fourth largest economy globally in terms of GDP with a high growth rate and has improves its global ranking, as per the report of International Monetary Funds. India’s growing economy is placing huge demand on critical infrastructure like power, roads, railways, ports, transportation, water and sanitation, while the Government of Indian has raised its investment in infrastructure and is encouraging private participation in this development. All these bring great business opportunities to the Spanish companies in participating in such projects. Apart from the these sectors India, being the largest democracy and being the second most populous country in the world, demands the growth of others sectors, like food processing, agro foods, health care, pharmacy, biotechnology, environment, automation, etc. Spanish industries have proven their skills and technology in these sectors. Recently Spanish government has taken initiatives to improve relations between the countries diplomatically, and this shall bring opportunities to the industries in both countries. Meanwhile, Indian companies have shown a growing interest in investing in Europe and Spain. In the first half of 2012 United Kingdom remained the largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) projects with France maintaining second place. However, Spain moved ahead of Germany to take third position. Among the 500 largest companies (Fortune 500, 2012), 8 are Indian companies, of which Tata is present in Spain since 2010. In recent years there have been more investments by the Indian companies in Spain like Suzlone in renewable energy sector, Ranbaxy in pharmaceuticals, Vivimed in health care and Sanjeev in automotive components. The Indian investors could take advantage of the strategic position of the Spanish companies in Europe and Latin America, where the Spanish companies enjoy considerable market ratios. More about India: http://indiandesk.es/en/business-india/

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